Make your investment in Montenegro, a European country with the lowest tax rate of 9% and the highest rate of driving profit in Euros. You can start your business and invoice worldwide in a country where it is easiest and cheapest to establish a company, obtain a residence or work permit.


Without any lower limit, you can buy commercial properties, conduct business and double your money; or you can buy a house and enjoy your life in the most beautiful beaches of the Adriatic Sea.


Turn all these advantages into reality in Montenegro, a European Union member country in the near future. Settle in one of the safest and most stable countries in the world and look to your future with confidence in a European country where all local and foreign people, including tourists, have equal legal rights.


Within 1.5 hours, you can easily reach to Montenegro from Turkey without a visa as you can do so from many other countries in the world. Enjoy doing business safely and live in peace in a country with a seven-fold growth rate compared to the European Union’s official growth rates last year.


Hurry to take advantage of these opportunities in Montenegro, a country in the process of becoming a European Union member. Contact us and get all the information you need. You will be amazed by Montenegro’s surreal, magical and unique nature, even just by looking at its pictures. Simply within 1.5 hours, explore this beautiful country firsthand and awaken to your new life in the heart of Europe.


MonteRED is a real estate development company operating mainly in Turkey and Montenegro. Our company name, i.e. MonteRED, has been inspired and created by “Montenegro Real Estate Development,” the field of operation we focus on and specialize in.

MonteRED supplies land, commercial or habitable properties and real estate that has a value of being an opportunity initiative according to the type and budget of the investment that our investors wish to invest in Montenegro. We provide the services for obtaining residence and work permits by means of purchasing a property or founding a company. In addition to the real estate supply mentioned above, MonteRED also provides “Project Management” services, which cover all the phases of project development and investment.

One of the top favorite countries in Europe,
With a virgin and unique nature, it is the new Monte Carlo of near future…


MonteRED offers services in land development, direct real estate sales, establishing a company and obtaining residence / working permit; and in the related areas of our website, you will see why investing in Montenegro has advantages and differences compared to other countries in the global scale. Every staff member of our company has adopted the analytical thinking mechanism as a principle as well as being well-educated in their field of expertise, experienced and solution-oriented; with their comprehensive knowledge about the local sources and regulations in the related study area, they aim to get and provide results with great difference in the region and sector for the investors by maximizing their potential gaining.


MonteRED carry on its activities in the field of real estate in Turkey as well. In line with the demands of its domestic and foreign investors and with higher returns and shorter turnaround times compared to market conditions, MonteRED provides services such as supplying land, flat for land projects and corporate tenanted properties; selecting the real estate investments opportunities; setting the investment goals related to all types of real estates and accordingly conducting the feasibility studies; establishing connections with the necessary individuals and organizations; and conducting market researches.

MonteRED creates the difference in maximizing the potential benefits related to all kinds of real estate investments. With a solution-oriented and analytical approach, it aims success for the investment, either directly in the purchase of land or corporate tenanted properties by providing detailed and accurate planning of time and cost, the two main elements that shape the investment and by having a comprehensive knowledge of the legislation and local resources in the related investment regions.



MonteRED, not only provides the land or property to invest in but also helps its customers in all the steps of investment such as obtaining successful returns by establishing the bridge between the private sector, individuals, official institutions and the investors and developing the relations and providing professional consultancy services which play an important role in adding value to the investment. In brief, we support our customers in the entire process of the project starting from supplying the land to selling or renting the project or in every other independent step requested by our clients.

Selecting the Land and The Other Investment Elements

Selecting the land in accordance with the conditions of the investment and the requests of the investor; collecting all the physical, social, economic and regulatory data related to the land.

Setting the Goals and The Business Plan

Conducting a SWOT analysis for the land and the other Investment Elements and specifying the basic elements that will affect the development.

Carrying Out A Market Analysis

Analyzing the information about the flow of supply, occupancy, sales rates, and sales prices to determine the market conditions the related real estate will be affected by.

Financial Analysis

Evaluating the investment suitability analyzes and conducting alternative feasibility studies

Upon request, MonteRED also provides the following services for the investors.

Obtaining Required Permits for The Construction Process of The Land, Offering Project Service, Construction of the Project, Managing the Sales Process of the Project, Managing and Monitoring the Project

10 Reasons to Invest in Montenegro!

Montenegro geographically is one of the most engaging, untouched and unique places in Europe with a growth rate 7 times faster than the EU average.

Montenegro has received the European Union Membership Visa for the year of 2021 and it is a member of NATO and WTO organizations since 2017.

With Europe's lowest corporate tax rate of 9%, it is a financial attraction center for international trade.

Politically, it is a stable and safe country for over 30 years now.

The official currency in Montenegro is Euro, €.

All foreigners in Montenegro have equal legal rights with Montenegro citizens.

The state in Montenegro supports the investments of foreigners in the country.

Montenegro has all the necessary constructional sources, both locally and with its neighboring countries.

Like many countries, Turkish citizens are also free to enter and exit the country multiple times, a visa is not required. Again, like many countries, there is a free trade agreement between Turkey and Montenegro.

Processes of founding a company, obtaining working and residence permits for foreigners are simple, fast and cheap.